Full name; Andrew Dennis Biersack.
Birthday; December 26, 1990.
He was bullied as a child.
He was over weight until he started loosing it at 13.
He used to play hockey
He loves animals
He started the his first band at 13/14 Called - Biersack.
He is the only original member of the band.
He has ADD.
He’s an only child.
His parents names are Amy & Chris.
He went to Ohio High School Of Preforming Arts.
He used to model.
He was in a few commercials like At&t & Montana Meth.
He smokes.
He got his first Tattoo at 16.
He has numerous batman tattoos, a misfits skull, something with an Ex girlfriends name on it, a funeral flower. (ect.)
His Dad used to be in a band that toured with the Misfits.
He doesn’t' do drugs.
His inspiration came from bands like Motley Crew, & Kiss.
He paints his right ring finger nail red, to give him hope & strength.
The name Black Veil Brides was inspired by the fact that a when a nun marries into the church & she wears a black veil & she is dedicating herself to God, So you can dedicate yourself to whatever your biggest dream is.
He grew up in a Roman Catholic Home.
He is not religious now.
If he became a porn star his name would be Dennis Westower.
He is currently dating Juliet Simms form Automatic Loveletter
He is 21 years old

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